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3 minute readBig Blue SoftLayer Cloud Drifts Over Hong Kong



IBM’s newest SoftLayer cloud services data center will open in Hong Kong at the end of April.  Merely the first of 15 new planned data centers for 2014, IBM SoftLayer is part of Big Blue’s $1.2 billion commitment to broaden and strengthen its cloud services. 

Cloud services offer the advantages of lower costs and greater flexibility.  This is a global phenomenon, and IBM’s new data center in Hong Kong shows that the competition for cloud services known no borders.  Hong Kong is known for its fast paced, entrepreneurial businesses.  The new data center will include more that 15,000 physical servers, adding to IBM’s already formidable Asian footprint.  

IBM currently operates a data center in Singapore and has points of service in Hong Kong and Tokyo as well, Multiple Tier-1 network carriers provide the network connectivity.  SoftLayer’s intention is to be within 40 milliseconds of latency to any customer on the planet.  This vision is taking shape thanks to the large investment IBM is making into its cloud infrastructure. 

The AsiaPac customer base for SoftLayer was already solid.  The new data center will only strengthen that position.  Asian customers such as Distil Networks, Tiket.com, Simpli.fi, 6waves and Beijing Elex will experience a real boost, and IBM looks forward to significant additions to this base. 

SoftLayer uses a consistent standardized format to build its data centers all over the world.  The company announced a revenue of $4.4 billion from its cloud services in 2013.  Increased investments are intended to increase the pressure on industry leader Amazon Web Services as well as the smaller but competitive Rackspace.  Tech giant Cisco has also announced a large investment to grow its own global cloud services, committing $1 billion to its data centers and cloud services in an effort to increase revenues and appease investors. 

The SoftLayer platform combines bare metal, virtual servers, and networking.  Services are rendered “on demand” and customers are given full remote access and control.  SoftLayer customers can customize their services by creating public, private, or hybrid clouds depending on their applications or workloads.  

As traditional technology solutions, used EMC and refurbished NetApp storage solutions still have an important place, especially for those customers who are just not comfortable with the idea of cloud storage.  

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

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