Reliant - Third-Party Maintenance BenefitsWhile you may have heard that working with an alternative EMC SAN support provider can help save you money on hardware maintenance costs and that those savings could be used to help free up the budget for innovative projects, you may not know some of the benefits that go beyond cost reduction.

Non-Cost Benefits of an Alternative EMC SAN Maintenance & Support Provider

•  Hardware Life Cycle Extended: Enterprises may not always be able to upgrade or replace their current hardware, so extending the usable life of their storage infrastructure is a great benefit associated with using a different maintenance provider. Additionally, while prices for maintenance from the OEM keep rising, third-party maintenance providers can offer support solutions at a lower cost for the entire life of your EMC hardware.

•  Accelerated Service: Support providers outside of the manufacturer build their businesses on accelerated service maintenance levels. Third-party vendors can help you get your EMC SAN hardware faster than the OEM. With options such as on-site spare kits, third-party maintenance can get your hardware up and running in around 15 minutes.

•  Point of Contact Simplification: Having multiple vendors for your EMC SAN environment can make finding the right contact and contract a complicated process. Instead, consider consolidating your service contracts with a single provider to simplify your paperwork and contracts for your maintenance needs.

•  Unbiased Hardware Support: No matter your hardware originated – EMC, NetApp, IBM, or a mix, third-party maintenance can you the type of support you need for your environment.  Engineers for third-party maintenance providers are often experts in a variety of hardware brands and can provide you with unbiased maintenance and support.

•  Customized Support Contracts: With support contracts ranging from 24x7x4 to next-business-day shipping on any failed hardware, third-party maintenance providers offer support contracts that are tailored to specific needs of your infrastructure while meeting budget requirements.

To find out more about third-party maintenance and support options for your EMC SAN, reach out to us at Reliant anytime via chat, email, or phone.