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3 minute readArchiving for Small Businesses

What should you do for optimal small business archiving?

Small business archiving drives your SMB’s ability to harness valuable enterprise information. Small business owners and management consider leveraging intellectual property and other valuable business information to be essential to their business goals. This includes email text and attachments as well as document files. These valuable data assets can be mined to provide business intelligence that will help keep your business on the cutting edge.

Primary data storage is pricey and data file archiving’s an excellent way to reduce the amount of information on primary data storage. Files can be archived to secondary or tertiary storage, so organizations can retain data effectively and economically yet still access it as needed. NetApp and Symantec archival and compliance solutions include a Semi-structured Data (e-mail) solution and a file system solution.

Unstructured files typically are the greatest area of data growth. These include PDFs, videos and audio files, Word files, Excel worksheets and PowerPoint presentations. File archiving allows users to access this data and gain the most use from these essential but unstructured files. What types of organizations and applications are candidates for file archiving? Data of any type is suitable for file archiving regardless of organization size.

What data file archiving tools are available?

There are a multitude of tools available. Some are very specific, while some strive to be generic, offering all-in-one multi functionality. For smaller businesses, a multifunction archiving tool may be the most cost effective. You can find affordable archiving tools from an abundance of vendors. The first step in making your choice is to clearly define the scope of your archiving requirement.

Decide what your data storage needs are, then choose your tools. Will you be doing email archiving or will you archive just about everything? Specialty tools are available for many functions, email and database archiving among them. Scalable and flexible offerings are offered by well-established firms like Dell, HP, IBM, startups like Acronis, and vendors such as NetApp and Symantec.

How might you get started with archiving?

Begin by determining which files to archive and why. If it’s to adhere to regulatory compliance standards, you’ll need to have some specialized tools. Define and carefully articulate your archiving goals. Are you targeting specific functions or archiving everything? Once you’ve established these goals, begin designing your implementation strategy. What data do you have? Which of it is useful? How will you archive it? From there, proceed to a level of specificity needed to identify and acquire the right tools and craft an action plan.

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

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