By Kyle Christopher

Reliant Technology is the market leader when it comes to pre-owned solutions for end users. We work with a lot of IT directors and DBAs who are weighing out their options and trying to find a quick return on investment (ROI) with regard to their data storage purchases. The IT professionals we work with are looking to make the right decision and spend their IT dollar wisely. They also don’t have time for irrelevant answers that don’t assess their real needs.

We get excited about helping IT professionals tackle multiple projects at once and find ways to save money and time.

Here’s how we do it.

1. By Reducing the Cost of Hardware Maintenance

We meet or exceed service level agreements with 24x7x4 support across virtually all hardware platforms. We tell you all the options and let you make your own decision.

2. By Giving You A Second Opinion


By offering a second opinion, we allow you the freedom to decide which maintenance or hardware solutions will provide you with the service levels you need at the best price. Our end goal is that our customers be better informed, whether you decide to purchase from us or not.

3. By Adding Drive Capacity – Quickly

Our customers are looking for quick solutions. We can get you increased drive capacity right away. The benefit you receive is better performance of your applications, archives and backups. We offer affordable capacity in Fibre Channel, SATA, SAS and Solid State (SSD) interfaces.

4. Rapid Response


Reliant is an independent reseller. This is advantageous for several reasons. We’re able to provide a much faster turnaround. We’re not tied to the manufacturer, which keeps you, the customer, from being locked into an upgrade cycle. Most of the time we can also find you customized solutions to fit your budget. And we can do all of this within hours instead of days, weeks or months.

5. Flexibility for Data Center Moves

Moving a data center is involved and complex, but it doesn’t have to be. We provide the quickest hardware storage rentals available. Why purchase expensive hardware for data center move when you only need a temporary solution? We’ll provide you with a rental right away.

6. By Eliminating Performance Bottlenecks


Inadequate spindle counts don’t have to slow you down. Our storage experts will provide you with a free assessment of your environment and provide suggestions on how to eliminate performance bottlenecks while improving VMware, Oracle, SQL, and Exchange performance.

7. By Helping You Cash In on Legacy Storage Assets

Instead of paying to have your legacy storage removed, why not trade or sell them? If you have SAN, NAS or other storage hardware you’re looking to replace, we’ll actually buy your gear and help you save money on newer storage.

8. Build a Disaster Recovery (DR) Infrastructure

We provide hardware, service and support for replication sites. This can help you offset costs of new storage or deploy a complete storage and switching infrastructure.

CONTACT US for a complimentary data storage assessment. We’ll provide with you a second opinion and help you decide the best fit for your environment.