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4 minute read8 Benefits of the Celerra NS Series Unified Storage

By Kyle Christopher

EMC Celerra unified storage products are dedicated network servers optimized for file and block access. If you are looking for scalability and ease-of-use, the NX4, NS-120, NS-480, and NS-960 are products you should consider. Celerra unified storage platforms leverage EMC CLARiiON Fibre Channel RAID storage, which delivers best-in-class availability and data production. What you get with any of these products are industry-leading EMC Celerra availability, performance and ease of management.

As you grow in server virtualization space, Celerra’s unified product offerings offer an ideal fit for your SAN storage environment. Here are the primary reasons why you should consider EMC NS Series unified storage solutions.

1. Flexibility

Celerra unified storage platforms combine an IP storage enclosure and best-in-class, native CLARiiON storage providing NAS, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel within a single packaged solution. The advantage to you is a low-cost acquisition along with simple implementation and management without having to sacrifice configurability options.

2. Expandability

EMC Celerra NS series hardware is ideal for businesses looking to start small while maintaining growth potential in their SAN storage environment. NS series customers will be able to take advantage of a platform which deploys single-box block and file storage using iSCSI and Fibre Channel.

3. Upgradability


Although it may be difficult to determine your future storage needs, Celerra unified storage offers the ability to upgrade seamlessly and non-disruptively. For example, Celerra unified systems can be upgraded online, offering increased availability, capacity, or performance to your initial investment.

4. Availability


No-compromise availability means non-stop file access. EMC Celerra SnapSure snapshot software creates read-only/read-write copies of file systems and iSCSI LUNs. This can be used for online backups and quick recovery of deleted files. With the integration of VSS, this snapshot feature is taken a step further, allowing the end user to leverage functionality within Windows XP so that you can quickly recover any deleted files directly from your Windows Explorer interface.

5. Tolerability of Failures


Celerra unified storage platforms can be configured to tolerate internal and external failures, such as failures of switches or routers. This type of failsafe networking allows network ports to have dedicated backup ports on a separate network in the event of failure.

6. Manageability


Management and performance monitoring of the Celerra NS series easily accommodates the skill set and preference of administrators through a variety of interfaces. For example, you have basic and advanced editions which support everything from common functions for configuration (for the basic user) up to the monitoring of multiple Celerra environments (for the advanced user). There are many other management options, all of which Reliant will be glad to discuss with you.

7. Networkability


The Celerra unified storage platform offers redundant load-sharing power supplies, battery backup, environmental controls and multi-port Ethernet, iSCSI connections and Fibre Channel ports for host connections. VLAN support also allows network admins more flexibility when it comes to creating created logical workgroups, boosting overall network efficiency.

8. Fast Backups

Celerra unified storage platforms support Flash, Fibre Channel and ATA drives, which can serve as fast, reliable targets for backup-to-disk deployments. Celerra also provides a volume backup option where backups are taken at the physical file system level, dramatically improving backup performance, especially for small file environments.


Celerra NS Series unified storage offers flexibility for growth and ease of management while utilizing very recent technology. Reliant can assess your environment to determine the best configuration and integration into your infrastructure. We will also review the lifecycle of your data assets to help you simplify the design, development and management of your environment. Are you prepared for data growth? Do you have a solution that will serve your current and future storage needs? Contact us to discover ways to simplify your SAN storage environment.







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