1. Remove bottlenecks resulting from switch to switch connectivity (ISL loops). Used Brocade directors such as the Brocade 48000 or Brocade M10K (formerly McData) can be purchased for $50,000-$100,000 less than new and remove the connectivity issues in your SAN architecture.

2. Think about using used Brocade SAN Switches or Directors your Disaster Recovery (DR) location. Refurbished DWDM or FCIP line cards and switches can also be bought to enable site to site replication connectivity.

3. Consider Used Brocade Line Cards to upgrade your Brocade Directors, helping to give you additional SAN ports for ISL loops, Servers, LTO tape drives and VTLs.

4. Imagine using refurbished Brocade 2Gbps SAN switches to build out a cheap SAN for dev, test or a remote location for less than $2,500.

5. Weigh your options, as both 4Gbps and 8Gbps Brocade switches are available new and used. Think about upgrading to 8Gbps infrastructure for core production and revert to 4Gbps for edge connectivity if budget is an issue.

6. Used Brocade switches can save you $8000-$200,000 helping to bring your overall SAN upgrade within budget.

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