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4 minute read6 Tips for Buying Used EMC Drives

Working on important projects can lead to exhausting valuable disk space. The exponential growth of data continues to exhaust your available resources. Your network’s drives are a critical component of capacity requirements. It is important to understand the essential aspects before purchasing disk drives.

Storage area networks provide access to huge amounts of consolidated data on a dedicated server. Buying suitable disk drives that are compatible with your storage area network is difficult and a sensitive task. Here are 6 tips for buying EMC drives:

1.    Meeting System Requirements

First off, you need to know the system you are using as the disk drive you purchase should be compatible with the network storage system requirements. System compatibility and stability depends on how the disk drive functions, keeping in mind your needs and requirements.

2.    Selecting a Compatible Disk Drive

It is logical to isolate the reason for buying particular disk drives. Depending on the needs and requirements of the network, the appropriate disk drive can be bought. The applications of such drives vary and thus a decision needs to be made based on the task at hand. Server-based applications require drives that are compatible only with a certain type of mainframe.

Apart from that, the network infrastructure may require a particular drive that will meet its hardware requirements. Dedicated servers like HP ProLiant are compatible with EMC VNX2 4TB drives and also the EMC VNX2 4TB drives due to their storage virtualization capabilities.

3.    What Size And Speed Is Required?

Size and speed are vital factors in deciding to buy drives. You will need to determine what will help you meet both current AND future storage requirements. Of course, certain industries will require much more capacity than others, but it will be important to consider input from multiple sources to help you plan for the future.

4.    Knowing the Type of Type of Disk Drive Required

Advancements in disk drive technologies have provided various alternatives to buyers. Each drive has its own pros and cons. After an overview it is quite evident that from options like iSCSI, Serial ATA and RAID drives, iSCSI is the most commonly used protocol. It allows for communication between servers and drives to be swift and secure. But the type of drive required can vary with the mainframe and dedicated server hardware capabilities.  

5.    Is Interoperability Required?

Based on the requirements of the network, it is necessary to decide whether an interoperable disk drive is needed. The network model of the organization will determine that for you. Sharing and streaming of data over cables would require disk drives with functions that have the ability to operate with the various kinds of operating systems and hardware. Disk drives tend to be stable and responsive with regard to interoperation functionality on systems like EMC VNX2.

6.    Making the Right Choice

It is advisable to be equipped with the knowledge about such components before making a purchase. It is best if you consult an expert about the disk drive which would be best suited for your data storage network system. An expert would make comparisons and guide you regarding issues that you may otherwise not be aware of.

Contact Reliant Technology to see if we can help you compare and contrast various drives to give you the capacity you need. Marketing@reliant-technology.com.

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

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