Is your SAN switch is straining to meet the demands of your mission-critical storage area network? It may be time to consider upgrading your hardware to a Brocade SAN director.


If your enterprise has been putting of the upgrade due to a limited storage budget, a used Brocade director can provide your enterprise with the scalability and switching power you need at an affordable price.

  1. High availability: Need hardware with high levels of uptime? Brocade directors provide 99.999% uptime and have hot-swappable components that keep your hardware working around the clock. Failed blade? No problem. Unlike SAN switches, SAN directors don’t need to be taken offline to replace failed parts and can remain operational and functional while a blade is replaced.
  2. Greater Switching Power: While Brocade SAN switches have limited port counts, a Brocade director can scale up to hundreds of ports, provide greater total bandwidth, and support multiple protocols to meet the needs of a demanding switching environment. For example, the powerful Brocade DCX 8510 can provide up to 8.2 TB of chassis bandwidth to support high I/O requirements. Whether your environment needs FCIP, FICON, or Fibre Channel connectivity, director blades can be interchanged to meet the needs of your enterprise.
  3. Advanced Technology: Brocade directors provide more than just a bunch of extra ports. Brocade SAN directors can offer functions like in-flight encryption, in-flight compression, and forward error correction to improve SAN performance and data security. Additionally, some Brocade directors have an available diagnostic port option (referred to as a D_Port) to help IT administrators resolve hardware issues while saving valuable time and resources.
  4. Lower Cost of Investment: Used Brocade directors can provide you with the same connectivity, functionality, and reliability as new directors at up to 70% savings. Used hardware is thoroughly tested for functionality and evaluated for flaws and defects so you get the highest quality used Brocade hardware for an affordable price. Not sure if your hardware is available used? With more used hardware available than ever before, a third-party vendor can help you find a used Brocade director that fits your needs and your budget.

Make sure your switching hardware will meet the demands of future data storage growth, like greater number of ports and higher bandwidth, with a powerful and affordable used Brocade SAN director.

Need to improve your Brocade SAN fabric? Our storage experts can help you find affordable Brocade switches and directors that meet your switching needs. Talk to a dedicated Reliant Storage Specialist today.