Are your data center cooling expenses adding up? Then immerse those storage arrays in water.

This week 3M demonstrated advanced cooling technology for the “Data Center of the Future.” This new two-phase immersion cooling is meant to reduce water consumption and energy, while simultaneously increasing supercomputer efficiency.

The growth of big data is requiring data centers to deliver more performance and storage with less energy consumption.

In their proof of concept, SGI andtel placed some hardware into some 3M engineered fluid. Sounds a little, well, electrifying to me, but bear with me. This “3M Novec fluid” was dubbed by 3M as “an efficient dielectric that keeps the hardware cooled with minimum additional energy, maximum performance and better reliability.”

It apparently reduces energy costs by 95 percent and somehow reduces water consumption for “evaporative cooling.” As if that weren’t enough, it somehow also harvests the heat to be used in other processes, such as desalination of seawater.

While all that’s fine and good, it’s the video is pretty “cool”. We’ll see if it catches on. I personally can’t get past placing an electronic device into liquid. What about you? Also, how much are refills?