Reliant - Common Misconceptions About Used StorageIf you are new to considering purchasing used EMC or used NetApp equipment for your storage infrastructure, than you may have some questions about used equipment. Over the course of the past several years, we at Reliant have encountered a few common misconceptions about used storage hardware on which we would like to shed some light.

Misconception #1: Used equipment is always old equipment

One of the common misconceptions about used equipment is that used equipment is always old. At Reliant, we have access to both new and old equipment. We can provide equipment and upgrades for arrays, such as EMC CLARiiON or early generations of NetApp FAS, that the manufacturer no longer sells. However, we also have access to the latest and greatest hardware such as the VNX2 and NetApp FAS8000 series. “Used equipment,” essentially just means that it is not new.

So, now you may be a bit confused and wondering, “How can they get access to new equipment that isn’t new? What does that mean?” We get access to this “new” equipment through a variety of ways. Here are just a few of the ways Reliant can acquire newer technologies:

•  Bankruptcy: A company goes out of business and must liquidate their assets
•  Leasing companies: Customer’s equipment may be rolling of the leasing schedule
•  Large Organization’s Test/Dev: Larger organizations may acquire the latest and greatest technology to use as a test/dev box and may no longer need it.

Misconception #2: Used equipment is broken.

At Reliant, we put all our equipment through a rigorous 8-step testing process we call the “Reliant Rock-Solid Certification Program.” With steps that include quality testing, data sanitization, quality assessment, and others, you can know that you can count on any equipment you purchase from Reliant.

Misconception #3: Used equipment cannot have support on it.

We support hundreds of customers with their used storage equipment. Reliant has multiple levels of support available for your existing hardware or any hardware you may purchase from Reliant. Our levels of support range from 24×7 phone support with 4-hour response to a next business day warranty. No matter what support you may need, Reliant has the ability to provide it

So, now what?

Hopefully we’ve provided some clarity about some of the common misconceptions about used storage hardware. But, if you have any other questions or want to compare your options, feel free to get in touch with us through chat, phone, or email.