By Kyle Christopher

Many organizations still use traditional tape technology for backup and recovery. We’ve found that tape technology has positives and negatives with a lot of our customers. We’ve been able save our customers a lot of money by providing them with tape backups when they need it as its very inexpensive now. However, we’ve also found a fair amount of challenges with regard to customers still using tape technology.

Here are a few of the problems we regularly find with tape backup.

1. High Effort

Tape backup requires significant manual labor. This sucks up a lot of your resources that could easily be devoted to other projects. Tape slows down operations and introduces significant costs that you need to be able to put towards new projects.

2. High Cost

Tape backup is expensive and stores redundant data, adding to already-high operational costs. According to IDC, there is an average payback of seven months for EMC disk backup solutions.

3. High Risk

A lot of users of tape technology experience incredibly long backup windows. Your business and your customers depend on application availability. You’re taking a huge risk that these applications might not be available if you’re relying on tape. Another risk is associated with recovery. Loading tape drives onto a truck to deliver it to an off-site location puts your data at risk for being lost, stolen or corrupted somehow (like if the truck crashes).

We’ve found that our customers are more confident in their backup solutions when they backup to disk instead of to tape. Contact us to see if we can assess your environment and help you find a better solution.