By Reid Smith-Vaniz

This is the final part of our three-part series entitled “21 Questions to Ask Before Your Data Center Move.” Please view the
Reliant Storage Blog for the complete list of questions to answer prior to your data center move.

As discussed previously, there are upsides as well as risks to moving your data center. Today we’ll be asking questions that focus on time management, critical applications and future growth. These seven questions will help you prepare.

15. How long will it take to pack all equipment, rack and stack the equipment and cable it at the new site?

16. What critical applications cannot go down during the move?

17. How much data is critical to the business?

18. How much additional data is critical to users, customers or internal employees?

19. How convenient is the new location?

20. How much growth is expected on LAN and SAN network during the next three years? (It may be a good time to put in a new core.)

21. How much storage array capacity could we rent to help avoid downtime?

Regarding that last question, note that there are resellers who can rent you equipment that mimics your current environment. You can set up that equipment in your current location, fail over to it, and move it to the new site. Once it’s there, you can migrate your data to your new equipment. You can rent equipment for the length of time you need—a week to 12 months—because it can take a while to perform data migration. Note that it’s also possible to make arrangements with the reseller to keep the rented equipment and sell to the reseller the equipment from the original location.

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