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3 minute readPart 1: 21 Questions to Ask Before Your Data Center Relocation

By Reid Smith-Vaniz

This is part one of our three-part series entitled “21 Questions to Ask Before Your Data Center Move” which will be published this week on the Reliant Storage Blog.

There can be a big upside to moving your data center. Moving can be the perfect opportunity to refresh all or a portion of your legacy infrastructure, you can buy new equipment and set it up in a larger site at a new location that’s better for your business. It may also be a chance to get out of a too-expensive lease or reduce costs by moving to a more efficient facility.

But there’s also risk. A data center move is an important project that affects lots of people—all the way up to the CEO—and has the potential to cause a big outage. Things can go wrong, like electricians not showing up, losing tapes in transit and having problems with the recovery process, or arriving at the new site and finding out something’s missing, like key cables. There are lots of other potential problems.

To head off many of the major ones, it’s essential to plan your move. You may already be working with an outside consultant or a staff member who’s experienced in data center moves. Whatever your situation, it’s a good idea to run through a list of questions like these to ensure you’ve thought through the steps and possible issues associated with such a major IT project.

Here are the first seven questions to ask yourself about your data center move.

  • Why are we moving?
  • Where are we moving?
  • How much downtime can we afford during the move?
  • What will we need to move to the new facility?
  • What can be upgraded during the move?
  • What can we rent in lieu of purchasing to avoid downtime?
  • What power and cooling requirements do we have?

Note that you can rent equipment for the length of time you need—a week to 12 months—because it can take a while to perform data migration. It’s also possible to make arrangements with the equipment provider to keep the rented gear and sell to the provider the equipment from the original location.

These are the first seven questions you should ask before moving your data center. There are 14 more that are essential to answer before you’re ready for a move. These will be published tomorrow and Thursday this week so stay tuned. Also, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to stay up to date and receive regular updates and advice on managing your storage infrastructure.

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

Reid is the founder and CEO of Reliant Technology and for 14 years has pursued his mission to remove the pain associated with maintaining IT infrastructure. Reid writes on common challenges related to maintaining, servicing, tracking, budgeting, and upgrading technology.

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