As we begin 2016, it’s always important to take a look at the latest and greatest data storage trends to pay attention to in the coming new year and beyond. Data storage technology has taken a dramatic leap forward over the last several years and it is truly exciting to think about what the next few may have in store.

Copy Data Management

One of the most significant issues created by the data boom of the last few years has been the management of numerous copies of the same data. This practice used to require multiple tools for maximum effectiveness, many of which could quickly prove to be prohibitively expensive for businesses and could potentially even pose a security threat.

Copy data management, on the other hand, uses just a single live clone for all purposes including backing up, archiving, replicating and more. Startups like Cohesity Inc., Rubrik, and others are leading the way in this regard.

Erasure Coding

By far, one of the most important trends to keep your eye on in 2016 and beyond is erasure coding, which many industry experts agree is the single best way to provide data protection that is feasible when you consider the massive volumes of data that most organizations are now working with.

We’re quickly approaching a time when 6TB and 8TB disk drives are becoming the norm, especially as storage capacity gets both larger and more affordable at the same time. Erasure coding uses a specific algorithm to break data down into a series of fragments, each of which is then stored in a different location on the storage array in question.

This, in turn, provides a superior level of security and also provides protection in the event that the original copy of the data is somehow lost or corrupted. The primary benefit of erasure coding is the ability to perform faster drive rebuilds than ever before.

Next-Generation Storage Networking

Fibre channel, InfiniBand, Ethernet and more are all next-generation storage networking techniques that are being ushered in due in large part to the prominence of flash and virtualization in the modern enterprise environment. Currently, 16Gbps  fibre channel switches are popular and 32Gbps switches should be available on the market sometime in the next year.

Object Storage

Object storage has been a data storage trend to pay attention to for the last several years, and this is one trend that shows no signs of reversing itself anytime soon. At its core, object storage is an alternative to traditional file systems that allows a server to retrieve data without actually knowing where a particular file is actually located.

Data is stored in a flat namespace with unique identifiers and once those identifiers are attached to the data, they can be accessed from virtually any location at any time. They also allow for a significantly larger amount of metadata than traditional file system environments, which is yet another benefit that will be welcome in most enterprises.

What About Your 2016?

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