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6 minute read10 Reasons To Consider Pre-Owned EMC CLARiiON CX4 Series

By Kyle Christopher

The EMC CX4 series offers industry-leading application performance, and advanced levels of scalability, reliability, flexibility, and affordability. CX4 storage arrays are also unique in that they offer relative ease of use when compared to other EMC storage systems, making them easy to install, manage and scale. Perhaps you are wondering why we would be discussing the CX4 series when the new VNX from EMC was just released. That is reasonable. However, we would be remiss if we did not tell you that CX4 prices are dropping while still offering some of the best capabilities available within the current market. In short, CX4 drives will remain a great option for the foreseeable future. The result is that you obtain more capacity at significantly reduced prices.

This high-level overview will serve to inform you of why CX4 series drives offer a great option for your IT infrastructure.



Ensure your applications are optimized. Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST) delivers higher service level and lower cost for all of your applications. You will spend less time managing your storage and more time producing results for your department and your business.

2. High Performance/Low Cost


With a CX4 storage array, you can satisfy your high-performance requirements with far fewer drives at significantly lower costs with the use of Flash. Flash drives provide 30 times the IOPs (Input/Output Operations per Second) of Fibre Channel drives.

3. Buy What You Need – Now

CX4 systems allow you to upgrade capacity when you need it. Instead of a drawn-out process of budgeting for an entirely new system, you can simply add capacity to your CX4 system. This offers you more flexibility to expand and plan if you are considering an upgrade to a newer system down the road.

4. Future-Ready

The technology found in CX4 drives protects your investment by providing expandable connectivity types and protocols when you need them. An ideal storage solution will be one that allows you elasticity with regard to your storage environment. Storage solutions that stand the test of time will give you the ability to expand on demand.

5. Ease


With CX4 drives, managing maps and assets is much easier. Whether managing physical or virtual machines, EMC Navisphere Manager does the management for you, saving you significant time that can be devoted to developing new IT initiatives.

6. Lower Energy Costs


EMC CX4 arrays offer a Spin Down feature. This feature stops disk drives that hold inactive data. By utilizing CX4 arrays, this Spin Down feature will save you money with lower energy costs.

7. Disaster Recovery


CX4 systems offer the ability to obtain a relatively fast and simple way to get a DR (Disaster Recovery) solution in place. The ability to swap drives and quickly add capacity to an existing system will prepare you to meet growth demands within your DR site.

8. Consolidation

By adding the Celerra Unified Storage, your CLARiiON can convert to a multiprotocol. This allows you to consolidate your file and block data within a single system, delivering enterprise class file storage availability.

9. Great Features

Just because EMC has released newer systems does not mean that the older drives or systems are now considered obsolete. The features shown below describe what you will receive when you purchase a CX4 storage array.

  • Support for both direct-attach and SAN environments
  • Hot-pluggable I/O modules – 4 Gb/s FC, 8 Gb/s FC, 1 Gb/s iSCSI, and 10 Gb/s iSCSI
  • Hot-swappable storage processors with up to 16 GB of memory per SP
  • RAID level 0, 1, 1/0, 3, 5, and 6, individual disk support, and global hot sparing
  • Online upgrade capability
  • Five-drive minimum up to 960-drive maximum system configuration
  • Support for data-in-place upgrades
  • Support for Windows, Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, and VMware Fibre Channel attaches
  • Support for Windows, Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, and Vmware iSCSI attaches

10. Lower Prices, Better Support, More Customization

The fact that CX4 systems are a couple of generations from the newest EMC storage systems mean that you can obtain advanced technology at significant discounts. The widespread adoption of VNX and VNX2 storage arrays is still in the future, depending on your environment. Meanwhile, lower prices on CX4 systems mean you do not have to wait to determine the next steps for your storage environment. You can add capacity now. In addition, you can find lower costs on maintenance plans by considering third-party support, which usually offers more customized solutions which can also cover several devices under one easy plan.

In summary, whether you’re simply adding capacity or considering a refresh within your storage infrastructure, CX4 will remain a great option for the foreseeable future. However, you will need to consider the best fit within your environment. Are you aware of all the options? Have you adequately planned the detailed requirements you will need with regard to your storage? If you are considering a major refresh, CX4 may or may not be the best option. Let Reliant assess your storage environment at no cost and provide feedback on your best options. CONTACT US to see how we can help you plan for present and future storage needs.

For more information on selecting the right EMC solution for you, check out our Buying Guide for EMC storage. You may download the white paper by CLICKING HERE.




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