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5 minute readSelling Your Storage Equipment: How to Recoup the Most Value from Your Assets

At Reliant Technology, we invest a large majority of our time trying to find the highest quality equipment to pass on to our customers. Since most of the hardware we sell from EMC, NetApp, Brocade, Cisco, and others is used, it is imperative that the sources from which we obtain this hardware is top-notch so that value can be given to our customers.

So, you may be wondering what the different types of sources Reliant Technology uses to find data storage hardware are. There are two main avenues by which we acquire the equipment we sell to our customers.

The End User

If an end user is trying to sell their storage assets, it is typically because they are uninstalling it or replacing that storage with something else. So, for example, an EMC customer might be replacing their storage with NetApp.

An end user may be selling their equipment for a number of reasons, such as bankruptcy or a major forklift upgrade that essentially requires them to get rid of their preexisting storage infrastructure.

The Reseller

There are multiple types of resellers out in the marketplace. Some may be the manufacturer; others may be the middlemen that procure high quality equipment.

Storage may be just one of several types of assets they are trying to obtain, or it may be equipment that they just got back from a lease that finished its term, or from a user that did not pay or changed their mind about the equipment. Essentially, there are multiple avenues by which a reseller will obtain the storage equipment.

Unlike the end user, a reseller’s mindset will likely be different in that they may expect less money for the assets than an end user might. End users know the amount they originally paid for the equipment, so it is understandable that they want to recoup as much of that value as possible.

So, how can an end user ensure that they receive top dollar for their storage assets? Here are 3 tips:

1. The price you will receive for the equipment will be closer to the original purchasing price with equipment that is more recently released.

While there may still be some value in older equipment, the newer the equipment, the bigger the payback value will be. So, for EMC for example, we can still purchase CLARiiON equipment, but the payback amount for the VNX and VNX2 series will be much closer to the original purchase price.

With NetApp, disk shelves like the DS4486 and DS4246 are going to sell for more than the DS14 series of shelves. We may still buy these older shelves, but the logistics cost required to move the shelves will likely offset their buyback value.

2. With drive speed, the faster the drive, the more you will be paid in relationship to the original purchase price

End users continually look for faster and faster drives to use within their storage environment. So, drives with faster speeds are more in demand than slower drives. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that slower drives do not have some value, but the newer, faster drives will offer a premium for buyback value.

3. Location, uninstallation, logistics, and market supply will also play a part in how much you receive for your equipment.

Multiple aspects will figure into how much you will receive for your used storage infrastructure. One is supply and demand – if there is a lot of a particular type of equipment or part available on the used marketplace, odds are that the buyback value will deplete along with the influx of parts in the marketplace.

The logistical aspect can also greatly affect the buyback value. The more complicated the procedure is for uninstallation and the logistics of receiving the equipment, the less value you will be able to recoup from that sale.

So, if these factors would come into play with you selling your storage assets, you may consider other options such consigning the equipment or reconfiguring the equipment you have to use it for an alternate purpose.

Reliant Technology Asset Recovery & Buyback Program

Reliant Technology offers a fast and easy asset recovery program, allowing you to recover resources to put towards new storage systems or upgrades. If you have some equipment you are looking to sell, be sure to reach out to us via chat, email, or phone. And to find out more about our Asset Recovery & Buyback Program, click here.

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

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