By Kyle Christopher

Big data. We hear about it all the time, but it’s not going away. Au contraire. Nonetheless, it can be easy to manage with a scale-out solution for that big data.

Your business needs change as well as your storage needs.

Here are a few benefits we’ve found with scalable solutions, such as you might find with equipment from EMC or NetApp.

1. Ease of Use

It’s possible to find scale-out storage solutions that are simple to install and easy to manage while offering you scalability at any size to keep pace with your changing business and storage needs. Shameless plug here, but Reliant Technology can make it even easier for you by offering experienced storage technicians that will do most of the “homework” and research for you. We’ll tell you exactly what you do or don’t need.

2. Flexibility

Sometimes you just need a quick fix to handle your unstructured storage and analytics needs. There are a few solutions you may consider, such as a storage rental. This will buy you more time and space to analyze your data and determine what you really need as far as long-term solutions. A rental is incredibly fast to acquire and easy to get in place.

3. Security

There are single clusters that can be used both for active and archive content in one single appliance. Get a replication site in place and you’re covered in the event of emergency.

4. Availability

Finding the proper snapshot capabilities allow you to meet your recovery objectives. You can recover from accidental data deletions, corruptions or modifications.