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6 minute readThe 5 Ws of Warranty Support in the Third Party Maintenance World

Support and Maintenance can save you time and money if done correctly.

Understanding the basics is part of knowing the type of company you’re working with. It’s no different when hiring a third-party warranty support team. Without third-party support you could be out-of-pocket if things go wrong, with a great third-party team behind you, you save money and reduce stress – enabling you to run your business as you see fit.

About Third-Party Warranty Support

We all hope that our tech equipment will last forever. That, unfortunately, is never the case. All technology has dates for End of Life (EOL) and End of Service Life (EOSL). The clock begins ticking the first date that piece of equipment or software leaves the manufacturer. It’s important to have a warranty that protects your investment and to ensure that your tech support team keeps you updated when your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) warranty claim is nearing its end.

Not knowing the end-of-life dates can cause IT planning issues and out of pocket expenses

If you do not have an extended warranty in place from the OEM, or do not yet have a Third-Party Maintenance provider contracted to service your equipment, you will be left paying for the services out of pocket should anything go wrong with your equipment.

Find the “five Ws” of Third Party support below:

  1. What is Third Party Support?
  2. Who Are Third Party Maintenance Providers?
  3. Where Is Third Party Warranty Support Located?
  4. When Is Third Party Warranty Support Available?
  5. How Can You Connect with Third Party Warranty Support?

What is Third Party Warranty Support? Reliant Technology guarantees a 4-hour response time.

Original Equipment Manufacturers would like you to purchase new equipment, or at the least extend your warranty coverage, when EOL notices are sent out. The problem with these support contracts is that they are overpriced (because you are paying a premium for the name) and they give you few options on who gets to work on your system should the unthinkable happen.

Meanwhile, your systems continue to sit idle, or even get worse, while you decide how to move forward, or wait in line for the OEM to repair the asset. This leads to lost productivity. While you are put on a waiting list, your system is aging, and you may be losing business as a result. This is where Third Party Support comes into the picture—having a Third Party Maintenance provider, like Reliant Technology, can keep you from paying too much to get your system back up and running and we are quick to respond, guaranteeing a 4-hour response time.

Who Are Third Party Maintenance Providers?

The fear when people think of a third party doing their asset maintenance is that you will be given third rate service; that the technicians couldn’t make it in tech school, so they have resorted to fixing computers in dark basements somewhere. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The best quality third party vendors possess the same certifications and training that the OEMs require, perhaps more because they work across a wide range of manufacturers. This often gives third party technicians and engineers greater insight into a wider range of issues than an OEM technician may have.

Where Is Third Party Warranty Support Located?

Location can be a big issue. First, where is your call, email, or chat message going? You do not want your call going to an outsourced call center that is staffed with individuals who are either inexperienced or difficult to communicate with.

Another question is, where are your parts coming from when you need something replaced quickly? How long will it take to reach you? Down time is lost time. Lost time can mean lost revenue. You want to be able to head off any further technical issues before they become disasters. The closer the replacement parts are to your business location, the sooner you can be back up and running again should you need a replacement or upgrades.

With Reliant Technology’s Optimization Platform, it doesn’t matter where your organization is. You can open a support ticket and receive a response from an engineer so your issue can be fixed within a 4-hour SLA timeframe.

When Is Third Party Warranty Support Available?

The second part of location is availability. Are you going to get an answering service when you contact support? That is, too often, the expectation, based on experience. Warranty support, extended warranty support, and warranty checks seem to be routed to a few guys in a dusty old broom closet in a third-world country who could be out partying late into the evenings. You want to have a warranty support team you can trust, who is available on your schedule.

Reliant Technology is available to you 24/7/365

Other things to consider are holidays and weekends. Are your technicians available, or were you routed to an after-hours contact center? Third-party warranty specialists, like Reliant Technology, are available to you 24/7/365. Yes, nights, weekends, and holidays.

Finally, and probably most importantly, when you do have issues, what is the escalation procedure, and when are engineers and technicians available to handle your extended warranty issue? You need immediate assistance and are more likely to receive that help, more quickly, from a maintenance provider over an OEM.

How Can You Connect with Third Party Warranty Support?

You can reach Reliant Technology by phone, email, and online chat

Now that you understand the when let’s discuss the how. It is one thing to have a call center phone line open. Any company can do that, but to sit in thequeue for hours on end is nobody’s cup of joe. But in today’s technological age, there needs to be multiple ways to get in touch with your support vendor. A busy phone line could prove costly. This is why Reliant Technology gives customers several ways to reach us, as stated, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can reach Reliant Technology by phone, email, and online chat. To top it off, we offer a guaranteed 4-hour response time for all our customers.

Get Third Party Warranty Support and Maintenance from Reliant Technology

Third Party Maintenance companies, like Reliant Technology, effectively answer the five Ws of warranty support. Reliant Technology supports over one hundred product lines, from leading OEMs, allows you to continue using existing hardware and software, extending the use of your current equipment, by:

  • Finding replacement and EOL/EOSL parts
  • Receiving service 24/7
  • Having a 4-hour response time
  • Storing Onsite spares

Having an experienced company in your corner gives your team what it needs to keep your technology up to date and business running smoothly when you are seeking warranty checks or warranty support.

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

Reid is the founder and CEO of Reliant Technology and for 14 years has pursued his mission to remove the pain associated with maintaining IT infrastructure. Reid writes on common challenges related to maintaining, servicing, tracking, budgeting, and upgrading technology.

Reliant Technology Cares

Reliant Technology Cares

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