If you are considering upgrading to an EMC VNX, you may wonder what to do with some of your older technology such as EMC CLARiiON storage systems. We are going to provide some suggestions about how to repurpose your CLARiiON system.

CLARiiON as Lab Environment

Many storage admins may complain about not having a good lab environment. With repurposing your CLARiiON system, you can be able to test out the technologies that you may considering implementing in your production environment in the future. A CLARiiON will give you the ability to have a fully functional storage array in your lab environment that is SAN, iSCSI, or FCoE connected to emulate a true production environment.

CLARiiON as Archive Storage Array

Another option for your CLARiiON technology is to use it for an archive storage array. A CLARiiON will be much cheaper than a VNX system will be. You can have a Disaster Recovery environment where you can host data that just needs to be archived without being accessed frequently that will not break the bank.

Don’t Forget Maintenance

Instead of giving up support and maintenance, consider third-party maintenance for your CLARiiON system. Third-party contracts for EOL hardware can still provide 24×7 hardware support without busting your IT budget. With service level agreements (SLAs) that will meet or exceed those of the manufacturer, third-party maintenance contracts will be able to meet your needs with trained storage consultants and accelerated service and response time.


While the ability to repurpose your CLARiiON system will ultimately depend on your use case, a CLARiiON system that is updated to the latest available FLARE code will still have a good amount of the functionality that can you get in the VNX or VNX2 platform such as storage pools and tiered technology.

Don’t Throw it Away

If you don’t have a purpose for your CLARiiON system, don’t miss out on the opportunity to recover some of the value for your EMC hardware. You can often sell your hardware with an Asset Recovery Program. These programs can get you cash or hardware credit to make your next upgrade more affordable.