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5 minute readIs Your Traditional EMC or NetApp VAR in Touch With Reality?

The majority of problems we see within our clients’ storage environments result from data mismanagement, not from having outdated hardware or software. We frequently talk with clients who have the newest, and shiniest gear available but still do not have the ability to manage their data correctly. Many times, what we hear from our clients is that their value added resellers (VARs) are suggesting a rip-and-replace approach to their storage environment. While this approach may solve some technology problems, it likely won’t solve the problems of data mismanagement that led you to seek new hardware in the first place.

Here are several practical and easy methods to solve your data mismanagement issues that don’t involve re-creating your entire environment.

1. Find Solutions, Not Just Storage

As the dot com bubble was bursting from 1999 to 2001, the big names in storage went into survival mode, effectively taking their most lucrative accounts from channel partners and moving them in-house. As a result, third-party vendors could no longer afford to offer a breadth of solutions-based services and the most lucrative accounts were now tied to the big brands. The result was a loss of objectivity when it came to finding real solutions to data mismanagement, and the sellers became what are now known as VARs, essentially sales guys for the big storage vendors. Over at techtarget.com, Jon Toigo recently discussed how storage vendors are often out of touch with the real needs of data storage managers, frequently offering “feature-encrusted” storage arrays that do little to address data mismanagement.

As VARs and big-name storage companies have insulated themselves from market fluctuations, solutions-based integration has suffered . . . until now. More and more, IT departments are realizing these VARs are merely salesmen for the products they have , rather then looking elsewhere when it comes to obtaining the help needed to manage their data. IT professionals are in need of storage kits that meet their requirements and provide cost-efficient pathways for growth.

2. Obtain Added Value in the Form of Services

While your post dot com storage VAR is ready to sell you some hardware or software, they likely are not able to add value to these items in the form of services, such as engineers or customized maintenance and support contracts. We have noticed a trend among IT professionals.  They are now moving towards independent resellers that offer the added expertise and customized plans that were readily available during the dot com era. Independent resellers are no longer in recovery mode as they once were in the early 2000s. They are now able to offer the same expertise and service you would have expected back during the dot com era. This is great news for a lot of IT professionals who actually need the services and management skills that a hardware upgrade simply will not give you.

3. Diversify Hardware and Software Solutions

 Informed storage professionals  need to know exactly what value is being delivered with every array or server or switch. Both new and used storage solutions certainly offer their advantages. However, today’s storage professionals are more interested in the right solution for their particular environment. A kit environment from different vendors may benefit you or it may not. Certainly, obtaining the right advice from a certified professional will help you make the right decision for current and future needs. This type of expertise is exactly what IT professionals are seeking as traditional VARs have not been able to meet their expectations in terms of services or simplified maintenance and support contracts.

Reliant Technology is able to help you find solutions to data mismanagement issues. We specialize in EMC and NetApp hardware and have certified engineers on-hand to help you optimize the architecture of your storage environment. This will prevent problems down the road and save you money on support and maintenance.

Interested in finding the right EMC or NetApp storage solution for your enterprise? Talk to a dedicated Reliant Storage Specialist today to get expert advice on EMC and NetApp storage solutions that fit your enterprise needs and your budget constraints.

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

Reid is the founder and CEO of Reliant Technology and for 14 years has pursued his mission to remove the pain associated with maintaining IT infrastructure. Reid writes on common challenges related to maintaining, servicing, tracking, budgeting, and upgrading technology.

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