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7 minute readHybrid Maintenance Plans Add Value to Your Legacy Systems and Extend the Life of Your Data Center Investment

Supporting legacy systems is not always considered to be a particularly important component of IT operations. That is because older systems are ignored and new infrastructure is used to support your applications and services. Even so, your legacy systems can be a great way to maximize your budget as they can meet the vital requirements of your data center. If you want to maximize the return on your hardware investment, find a data center hardware support plan that will not only prioritize your maintenance strategies but also focus on your legacy systems.

Here is why you should prioritize your maintenance strategies and focus on legacy systems:

Meeting New Challenges Created By The Cloud

When you start looking at the cloud for your applications and data, lightening the load on your corporate data center, it is not a bad move. But you are introducing a new system architecture that probably does not interact well with some of your applications and data sets. This is particularly true in the case of legacy apps.

Imagine storing your antique car in a busy modern parking garage with minimal spaces between cars. It is the same with your “antique” apps. They do not work well in the cloud because their programming makes them dysfunctional in a virtualized environment. So what do you do with them? They are still enormously valuable to your organization.

The answer is simple: So that your legacy apps ideally supplement your cloud strategies, you need to build a strong hybrid maintenance plan with a hardware support partner.

Hybrid maintenance will allow you to keep your newer hardware on OEM support, and a third-party IT solutions company will support the legacy systems long past the EOL/EOSL dates, often with engineers that have the same experience and skill level as the OEM engineers. The legacy hardware will also be supported at around half of what the OEM charges for maintenance plans.

Solving Long-Term Data Storage Challenges

As an IT manager, are you fully prepared to deal with long-term data storage challenges? In a big data environment, active information is only used by the analytics platform for a few minutes. Also, for the rest of its lifecycle, you have to store it in a less performance-intensive environment.

The solution is to archive big data-related information in your legacy storage systems. When you maintain these systems to act as an archive for your big data-related information, the benefits are two-fold: it helps you to meet increasing capacity demands and to keep costs under control.

Benefits of Prioritizing Maintenance Strategies

When you have prioritized your maintenance strategies and implemented a hybrid data center hardware support agreement, you accrue countless benefits for your organization. Not only does an agreement bring your legacy systems to the fore and add value, but it also reduces costs and extends the life of your capital investments. You also gain a single point of contact and simplified administration, as well as comprehensive support and flexible agreement options.

You will also gain the following six benefits:

1. Balance business requirements with project costs

If you are an IT manager facing increasing demands to control your costs and to take on only those projects with a defined ROI, you must constantly balance business requirements with the need to deliver tools that are necessary, but don’t have a defined ROI. You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

You have two factors to consider: First, justifying spending on a much-needed project while playing a strategic role in the company’s operations. Second, to help you meet these sometimes incompatible roles, a hybrid data center hardware support plan can alleviate the cost and will add value to your existing hardware.

2. Reduce the costs of long-term maintenance contracts

Everything deteriorates, it is inevitable. So you cannot avoid your maintenance contracts. But what you can do is be proactive and look at how a data center hardware support solution will help you maintain your hardware system so you avoid costly repairs from the effects of fatigue, corrosion, and oxidation on your system—and any other hidden threat to the smooth and efficient running of the business.

3. Save money with preventive maintenance

It is a fact of life, early detection saves you from the results of neglect and helps you identify problems before they turn into highly expensive repair jobs. Preventive maintenance decreases equipment downtime, increases life expectancy of your assets, and reduces overtime costs.

4. Improve safety

If your equipment is not working in optimal condition, then you are creating unnecessary hazards that generate unsafe working conditions leading to injuries and accidents. Keeping your equipment in optimal condition reduces the risks and increases the safety—and in the long term cuts your expenses and enhances your bottom line.

5. Provide equipment insurance

A data center hardware support agreement will deliver the insurance you need on your equipment: With service scheduled regularly, all your equipment will be available all the time and operating at peak efficiency.

6. Guaranteed response times and predictable pricing

With a hybrid data center hardware support agreement, you have a fixed service schedule at a fixed fee. Your response times are guaranteed and it is irrelevant whether the technician spends an hour or two. You know what it is going to cost you and you also know you have been proactive, not reactive, meaning your equipment is consistently well maintained. Therefore, whether it is your legacy equipment or fairly new equipment the maintenance costs are comparable.

You will also have product protection and peace of mind. Of all the benefits you receive from a hybrid data center hardware support agreement with a third party, these are probably at the top.

If you’re ready to get started with your own hybrid maintenance plan, connect with one of our experts who can help you craft the perfect solution for your environment that is guaranteed to save you 50% or more of what the OEM charges.

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Todd Bennett

by Todd Bennett

Todd leads a team of expert IT consultants, helping customers around the world with their data center hardware, maintenance, and support needs, providing uptime, capacity, and savings options to enable IT and Procurement teams to do more with their existing budgets. Todd has been in enterprise technology for more than 30 years.

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