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5 minute read5 Ways to Upgrade Your ITAM Software

It’s not easy meeting the ever-changing requirements of the business to keep everything running without issues, while also staying within a tight budget and keeping a keen eye on uptime. Efficiently running a data center in 2019 is no small feat.

One way to get ahead of any surprises in your data center is to use top of the line ITAM software to monitor all of your IT assets. If you are, make sure you are regularly revisiting all of your options when it comes to managing your IT assets and contracts.

Some ITAM systems have taken a big leap forward recently, so make sure that you regularly evaluate your ITAM system relative to other options in the market. Here are some things to keep in mind when evaluating:

1. ITAM Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Most ITAM systems on the market today are split into several different tiers of software that each cost either large upfront fees or hefty subscription fees. Buying everything you need to properly monitor your data center can quickly get expensive.

However, there are better all-inclusive options that are more affordable. For example, Reliant Technology’s RTAM platform is completely free to use and includes all the features you need to gain complete visibility into your data center operations and identify significant savings opportunities.

2. Use an ITAM That Monitors Your IT Spend in Real-Time

With potentially thousands of assets in your data center, it can be virtually impossible to track where each asset stands in the lifecycle and which asset falls under which support agreement (see, even that sentence was confusing!).

To avoid this, use an ITAM platform that ties your assets to the appropriate contract so you have 1-click access to important EOL/EOSL dates and pre-set alerts for support contract end dates. A top of the line ITAM platform will also offer you competitive hardware and support purchasing options that can save you up to 50%.

3. Go with an ITAM that includes robust categorizing features

Use an ITAM platform that mainly focuses on your data center assets; it’s more likely to include the ability to categorize and set in-depth plans for those assets.

Data center focused platforms let you use labels and tags to organize all of your assets and contracts by location, type, function, purpose, team, OEM, EOL/ESOL dates, and more.

Planning features let you customize a purpose and create detailed deployment schedules for each asset, which then appear on your real-time tracking timeline. Here at Reliant, we just released those features in our all-in-one RTAM platform.

4. Make sure your ITAM solution features an extensive catalogue of EOL/EOSL dates

This is an especially important feature. Many of the planning aspects of a good ITAM platform hinge on the system having strong insights into upcoming EOL and EOSL dates. Without knowledge of these dates, you increase your risk of your support contract lapsing and possibly facing unnecessarily long downtime.

Knowing these dates well before they occur gives you time to plan an upgrade or move to third-party support that will extend the life of your assets.

5. Find an ITAM that doubles as a data center marketplace

Life is simply easier when you can get everything you need in a one-stop shop. If you have an upgrade or support renewal date planned in your ITAM, using a platform that lets you purchase assets or support contracts with a few clicks is a great way to upgrade your experience.

An integrated IT marketplace will help you compare builds and pricing of assets, show you a variety of support contract offerings, and more. Reliant’s RTAM platform will be launching a marketplace feature like this in a release soon.

If you’re not currently using an ITAM platform or you’re interested in upgrading to a better, all-inclusive platform, we’’’d love to give you a demo of RTAM! Click here and a representative will contact you immediately to schedule a demo call. Or, if getting right to it is more your style, go ahead and sign up here for free.

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

Reid is the founder and CEO of Reliant Technology and for 14 years has pursued his mission to remove the pain associated with maintaining IT infrastructure. Reid writes on common challenges related to maintaining, servicing, tracking, budgeting, and upgrading technology.

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