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8 minute readWhat is a Hardware Installation Service and Why Do You Need It?

Unfortunately, implementing an enterprise-scale infrastructure solution is not as simple as buying some hardware and plugging it in. It’s a multi-stage process that requires a considerable amount of research, planning, and expertise to successfully install a hardware system and have it functioning well.  When you add potential challenges to the mix, such as human resources, time, split focus, and budgetary constraints, you may find that you are facing a rocky road.

When it is time to deal with your next hardware installation, it behooves you to work with a trusted partner; Someone who has years of experience and thousands of man-hours installing IT services; Someone who can produce a better end product while eliminating common challenges facing IT administrators; Someone like Reliant Technology.


When Do You Need A Hardware Installation?

IT technician working in data center

Whether you’re starting from scratch or need to replace a large chunk of your hardware with new options, consider some of the common signs that you need new hardware:

  • A lack of capacity or resources
  • Performance issues
  • Unpredictable device behavior
  • Hardware compatibility issues
  • Approaching equipment EOL/EOW or the end of OEM/TPM support


Due to a lack of experience with large-scale hardware installations, normal steps of implementation can be difficult. Without adequate support, resources, or experience in implementing enterprise-scale hardware solutions, IT administrators face an unscalable mountain. The core challenge of the process stems from a lack of knowledge, thus being unable to execute every step necessary for a successful hardware installation procedure. Reliant Technology will be there for you with expertise and experience. By using a true and trusted name in the industry, your employees are free to continue their work while Reliant handles your hardware installation.


Establishing Requirements

Without the experience of implementing large-scale hardware solutions, accurately translating operational needs into hardware requirements can be a challenge. Connecting the dots between the scale of your organization, your business processes, and your unique operational requirements into concrete hardware specifications may seem nearly impossible.

Update Refresh Scale Your New Hardware

When planning your new hardware requirements, you need to make provisions for future advancements. Technical requirements may change, and you might need to put a plan in place to update, refresh, or scale your new hardware on a consistent basis. Reliant recognizes the need for future updates and can raise potential issues of which you may be unaware, eliminating future challenges before they occur.


Assessing Current Infrastructure

It’s rare that an organization starts from ground zero when requiring new hardware. It’s more probable that a system is being replaced or expanded. When investing in new hardware solutions for your company, you have to ensure that your new technology is compatible with what currently exists. Or, in the event that it’s not, you must be able to plan ways to replace your existing hardware in the rollout with appropriate and cost-effective equipment.


Site Inspection and Planning

Site Inspection and Planning

Whether installing isolated hardware devices, a server, or an entire data center, your on-site specifications play a major role in successfully planning your new hardware installation. Reliant will ensure that installation will run smoothly by measuring not only the space, but the doorways through which new hardware must pass. We check power supplies, physical security, and other safety measures.


Hardware Acquisition

Navigating the maze of possibilities requires experience and an insider’s knowledge of the current enterprise hardware landscape. Once the requirements, limitations, and the scope of the needed hardware is known, you then need to source the proper hardware. This is an entire process of its own, requiring you to vet multiple hardware providers, compare prices, analyze maintenance or support services, and consider the compatibility of different brands and systems. Without Reliant’s knowledge and assistance, you could end up with inflated costs, incompatible devices, and a host of other issues.


Pre-Installation Preparation

Preparing the site and hardware for installation helps the installation process flow more smoothly and helps fight possible delays. It may involve removing existing equipment for disposal or recycling. It will involve preparing the site by shipping items to the site, ensuring an adequate power supply, unpackaging and inspecting your new equipment for any defects, and powering down the current system safely. In the case where a hardware installation involves some form of systems migration, you may also need to plan for data migration by performing adequate backups and organizing them for redeployment on the new systems.


InstallationIT Technician installing hardware

Upon completion of the earlier steps, you finally reach the actual process of installing the various devices that make up your hardware ecosystem. Depending on the scale of the solution, as well as the variety of devices involved, this can be the most challenging step of all.

Hardware can be incredibly complicated. Computers, servers, switches as well as networking, and data center hardware all have unique setup processes that may require specialized expertise. You also need to ensure that all devices are installed according to plan and site preparation. There are so many details, which is why it’s wise to use Reliant’s team of experienced engineers. Some hardware may also require device-specific software to be installed, or for the firmware to be updated when first powered up. Reliant is prepared to look for these questions and is ready with the best answers.


Testing and Verification

Testing Hardware Verification

Installing enterprise hardware is a long and difficult process and a myriad of things can go wrong. After installing and powering your systems, you must perform firmware, BIOS, and driver checks to ensure all devices are up to date and functioning as expected. Once individual devices are installed and set up correctly, the implementation of the overall system must be verified. You need someone experienced to ensure a smooth transition.



The process doesn’t end there. Additional steps need to be taken to ensure the long-term success of your hardware systems, as well as smooth integration within your company. This involves auditing and organizing a database of your hardware assets as well as the OEM/TPM support agreements, warranties, or EOL information associated with each device.

You are now prepared to manage your device life cycles better and perform more cost-effective maintenance. Your next step will be to train your employees in how to use your new hardware.


Benefits of Trusting Reliant to Handle Your Hardware Installation

We approach each client’s hardware installation with the utmost professionalism and with the promise of providing the most value possible. Thanks to our wide-ranging experience and commitment, we are able to help you install your new hardware more efficiently and with fewer risks. We are a full-service IT solutions provider and your on-site technicians will be on hand to ensure everything goes according to plan. We also offer TPM and hardware support services to help you manage your hardware, cost-effectively, throughout its life cycle. When you partner with Reliant, you’ll experience the following benefits:

  • A smooth and error-free process with minimal disruptions
  • Delivering and deploying your hardware solution on time and under budget
  • A single point of accountability across your entire hardware stack
  • Free up resources, allowing you to focus on your core competencies

Our veteran hardware engineers work as an extension of your team, keeping you informed every step of the process. It’s our responsibility to operate as your partner, totally invested in your success, rather than just another third-party service.


Next Steps

Contact Reliant today to answer your questions, learn more information, or schedule your next hardware installation.

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

Reid is the founder and CEO of Reliant Technology and for 14 years has pursued his mission to remove the pain associated with maintaining IT infrastructure. Reid writes on common challenges related to maintaining, servicing, tracking, budgeting, and upgrading technology.

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Reliant Technology Cares

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