According to a 2012 Trend Report, 48% of enterprises responded that they will spend half of their 2012 IT budget on hardware maintenance and service for their current IT infrastructure.

Oppressive maintenance costs, usually attributed to OEM service contracts, can consume precious IT budget dollars that could be dedicated to environment innovation and growth.

Enterprises can reduce the hardware maintenance and service costs associated with data storage through third party maintenance contracts.

Discover Affordable Hardware Maintenance

Maintenance costs can be reduced by up to 40% with third party maintenance companies. In addition to providing rapid service and expert engineers, third party maintenance contracts can be personalized to fit enterprise needs.

    • Rapid Response Service and Support: Find IBM, NetApp, or EMC support contracts that meet or exceed the service level agreements (SLAs) of the original equipment manufacturer at a 40% savings.

Expert technical support engineers keep storage environments up and running with rapid response and efficient service. Many third party maintenance providers provide 24x7x4 or 9×5 maintenance contracts with faster, more efficient service than the traditional OEM contract. Reliant Technology offers on-site Spare Kits to get failed hardware running again quickly, often in as little as 15 minutes.

    • Flexible Contracts: Tailor EMC, NetApp, or IBM hardware maintenance contract to fit the needs of the enterprise.

Support contracts can be tailored to fit every enterprise. With a variety of support options, enterprises can find the hardware maintenance contract that best fits their enterprise. Choose the level of service needed and tailor it to fit the requirements of the enterprise environment. Even if the EMC hardware has been discontinued by the manufacturer, third party maintenance companies can provide affordable, tailored coverage for every enterprise.

    • Outstanding Cost Savings: Save up to 40% on IBM, NetApp or EMC support with a third party hardware maintenance contract.

Whether the enterprise is looking to extend storage equipment life, or simply keep costs down to enable growth, third party maintenance can provide extraordinary cost savings over the traditional OEM contracts. Many IT directors save up to 40% while maintaining service level agreements, leaving extra room in the IT budget for hardware innovation or environment growth. Enterprise can consolidate and simplify their maintenance contracts to save even more on hardware maintenance while working with expert technical engineers.

Find NetApp, IBM, and EMC support contracts that fit your enterprise needs. Talk to a dedicated Reliant Storage Specialist today to discover cost-saving hardware maintenance contracts for NetApp, IBM and EMC storage environments.