Welcome to Part 2 of the CIO’s guide to the used IT hardware market. In the first installment we talked about some key factors to take into account when considering certified pre-owned storage, server, and networking equipment.

You can read it here if you’d like to catch up. Today, I’m going to take you through some options you have when choosing an IT solutions provider.

There are a couple of different approaches when looking for data center upgrades and each of them have their own specific set of pros and cons. So, what are these approaches to exploring the secondary market.

1. Reach out to a company for a quote on the hardware upgrades you need.

Pro of the approach: You’ll save time getting the specific answer to your request.

Con of this approach: It’s shortsighted. It’s like going to the doctor and telling them your throat hurts without mentioning that funky rash on your back.

What you’ll hope to hear: There are alternative parts and systems available to meet your current needs.

2. Find a company who can perform a review or free analysis with you.

Pro of this approach:

The vendor will be able to fully understand your goals, challenges, and current situation, and build out alternatives which can help you solve multiple issues with one purchase.

Con of this approach:

This approach takes a little more time than the first option and you open yourself up.

This is sort of like any relationship in life. The more you give to it, typically the more fruit you receive. Yes, there is a chance you’ll get burned, but I believe the risk is worth the reward.

What you are hoping to hear:

The conversation will be about more than just parts. You’ll cover your concerns around performance, availability, disaster recovery, future projects, throughput, and more. In short you’ll be talking more about your problems and solutions to those problems and less about simple part numbers.

When doing this, it is important to know that your reseller has a proven process to help you achieve your IT goals.

Again, I’m biased. I love a deal. But I want to make sure that I am buying a quality product and if at all possible I’m “killing two birds with one stone”. Now that I’ve gone over the pros and cons of these approaches to the secondary market.

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