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4 minute readDifferences Between EOL, EOSL, EOA, and EOS Revisited

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Make sure that you’re well aware of the nuances between EOL, EOSL, EOA, and EOS to be the expert in your business.

IT Acronyms of EOL, EOSL, EOS, and EOA

EOL, EOSL, EOS and EOA are all abbreviations that data center managers and directors, as well as CIOs, need to know. Keeping track of these abbreviations makes decision making easier, as well as helps you save time and money.


End of Life means that a vendor, like Dell EMC, Brocade and Cisco, or HPE has declared that the product in question will no longer be manufactured. You will still be able to purchase the product on the secondary market, both new and pre-owned, but the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) will no longer manufacture this equipemt after the listed date.


End of Service Life. EOSL, means that a company, again like Dell EMC, IBM, Brocade, and other OEMs, will no longer provide support after the declared date. If a manufacturer agrees to continue to support your IT assets after an EOSL date, customers in need are usually charged premium prices. Parts are harder to find and may require a network of certified pre-owned inventory suppliers to source the needed parts and experienced engineers to repair the failed device.

Again, you have options. Parts are available on the secondary market as well as support and maintenance. Third party support and maintenance providers, such as Reliant Technology, recently acquired by Park Place Technologies, continue to offer support, often for years after the declared EOSL date. You do not need to remove or replace your EOSL assets, you just need to find another, often better, company to support and maintain them.


End of Sale and End of Availability mean the same thing. It is the date after which you will no longer be able to purchase the product directly from a manufacturer like NetApp, Sun/Oracle, or IBM. While you can usually purchase the equipment through third party vendors, the product itself will no longer be offered from the OEM.

Why These Terms Are Important

These terms are critical in knowing the full lifecycle of your data center assets so you can maximize the life of each asset and be prepared when a device fails or needs upgrades. We all know that maximizing our budget is important and knowing how to maximize the return on your investment in equipment is crucial to getting the most out of your budget year after year. A hardware maintenance provider is an expert in this arena and can help you be the hero at your company.

  • In addition to continuing to repair and maintain your equipment, third party providers offer other benefits as well.
  • Knowledge of multiple OEM assets. Third party manufacturers are experienced working on IT equipment from dozens of OEMs, so you only need one engineer to work on all your assets, no matter how many OEMs are represented in your data center.
  • Co-termination of agreements. Third party support and maintenance providers will put all of your OEM contracts into one simple and easy agreement.
  • Rapid service. Since third party vendors focus is on customer service and happiness, quick response and attention to your specific problem come naturally.
  • Savings! OEMs often charge twice as much, even more, than third party maintenance providers. Just by switching from your current plan to a third party support plan, you can save 50%, or more, for other projects in your data center.

EOL/EOSL Tracker is Free and Available

If you are interested in learning your equipment’s EOL/EOSL dates, contact us for your free 2022 EOL Tracker spreadsheet. It is a comprehensive library of hundreds of 2022 EOL/EOSL dates. Plan to then reach out to one of our dedicated Storage Specialists to find the right solution for your needs.

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