Is your enterprise looking for additional cost savings to help you make the most of your storage budget?

According to the recent Computerworld’s Forecast 2013, an overwhelming number of participants said that “containing costs” was the number one priority for their enterprise in 2013.

The same survey found that less than half (43%) of IT executives report that their IT budget will increase in 2013.

Increasing pressure to reduce costs and continued market uncertainty encourage many IT executives to look for more efficient ways to store enterprise data. In fact, economic pressure was cited as the number one concern of IT executives who participated in the survey.

Despite increasing cost pressures, 64% of IT executives indicated that they are planning to make a large data storage purchase within the next 12 months. But they will demand more of their data storage solutions.

Joe Mahaffee, executive vice president of Booz Allen Hamilton, told that his enterprise was going to invest in data storage hardware and software that would help grow the enterprise and manage costs. Mahaffee said that his IT team would look for data storage solutions that would help the enterprise get more with fewer budget dollars.

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So how are you planning to contain costs next year? Sound off in the comments below and read the rest of the article, Forecast 2013: Building a Better IT Budget.

About the Forecast 2013 Survey

Forecast 2013 from Computerworld surveyed more than 334 IT executives throughout the United States.

Computerworld analyzes trends in popular IT skills, leading industry technologies, and budgeting and spending trends for the upcoming year. The Computerworld Forecast 2013 survey results are released each fall to help predict trends for the following year.

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