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6 minute readServiceNow Asset Management to save a fortune on IT Asset Tracking

If you use ServiceNow or ServiceNow’s HAM (Hardware Asset Management) for asset management or IT asset tracking we can help you export an excel spreadsheet to help you use this data to save money. Today, we are sharing a plan about increasing the ROI of your ServiceNow deployment by using it to manage your IT maintenance contracts.

As you may know, IT maintenance contracts from software and hardware can consume up to 15% of an organization’s IT budget on a yearly basis.  This is a huge drain on your budget and can draw resources from projects, innovation, salaries, and bonuses.

How can I use ServiceNow data (or any ITAM data for that matter) to save money?

We all know that managing maintenance contracts is not very fun and often requires a specialized skill set to review the contracts and assets that are up for renewal.

  • You have to have a clean list of assets (or else you get garbage in, garbage out)
  • You have to be able to review and understand each asset
  • You have to have valuable free time and planning skills to create an asset plan for each asset

Is there an easy way to do IT Asset Management?

You can do it yourself or you can partner with an expert to help you.  While Reliant Technology doesn’t address software spend with a software asset management practice – we do have a super solid IT maintenance optimization process with tools specifically designed to support this endeavor.

What are the Steps of Reliant’s IT Maintenance Optimization Process?

Goal Setting

No project is a success without setting basic goals and having a proven process or system to bring those goals to life. When it comes to cost-optimization for IT maintenance agreements, especially data center assets, we find that setting a goal of 10-20% overall savings on hardware maintenance is best.

Our process has over 20 maintenance goals for you to review and select, ideally picking 3 high-level objectives to pursue, which may align with your IT or Organizational OKR (Objective and Key Results) process.

  • Perform Discovery

Good news: you already have the data! With ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management and ServiceNow CMDB, you should already have a lot of the information you need to assess your IT infrastructure.  Key fields to review will be: the make, model, configuration, and location of the asset in question.

If that seems a lot of work, at Reliant our consulting team can use Excel worksheets, exports from popular ITAM tools, CMDB data, Data Center Infrastructure Management data, Monitoring Data, and more. Our job is to pull all this together for you by leveraging our Third-Party Maintenace Optimization (TPMO) platform and making it easy for you and your team to visualize and understand where the savings will come from.

  • Analyze the Data

Here is where specialized expertise is critical.

When it comes to enterprise IT infrastructure, equipment like Dell EMC servers and storage, HP Poweredge servers, NetApp equipment, and a plethora of Cisco switches and routers, you or your team needs to know the following information about any asset:

    • Third-Party Maintenance Viability
    • Age
    • Risk Level
    • EOL and EOSL date
    • Risk Factors associated with data loss or outage of that asset     

        …of every single asset? Yikes!

If you have 1,000’s of assets and want to get pricing by asset class (servers, storage, network) or location or End of Life (EOL) thresholds (say upcoming in the next 6 months). This can take a ton of time – and quite frankly you probably have something more pressing to do with that time.

Reliant has a service to review all your data for you – quickly and accurately.  It’s our hyper-specialized expertise.

Optimize your Contracts 

This is where the fun and savings begin.

Traditionally most organizations have purchased OEM support directly from the OEM or from their favorite VAR.  Perhaps they even have purchased Third-Party Maintenance for Data Center equipment for a few servers or a discrete division.

What you need now is pricing and savings options:

  1. What contracts can you cancel?
  2. What equipment can you shift to a next business day support model?
  3. What equipment can you co-terminate to coincide with your cloud or data center migration?
  4. What equipment can you consolidate into a multi-OEM agreement that’s simple to manage?
  5. What are your pricing options not just now, but for gear that is up for support in the next 12 months?

Running all these scenarios can take a lot of time – unless you have a tool to help you.  Fortunately Reliant has an IT Maintenance Optimization Platform, where we can manage all these assets for you, label and identify “risks” and present proactive quotes well before renewal time that give you options, confidence and savings.

Then… Repeat the Process

Your environment is always changing. You add equipment, decommission equipment, you move workloads to the cloud and you may even buy new companies or sell off entire business units.

You are going to need to keep a running tally of your IT infrastructure plan and the corresponding maintenance plan quarterly or semi-annually, and perhaps ad-hoc when you have a business requirement or business review that justifies it.

The question is how are you going to proactively track and manage these options for Hardware and Third Party Maintenance at scale? 

At Reliant, our mission is to help you reduce the headache, hassle, and expense from maintaining data center infrastructure – across your entire organization.

We have experts that understand ServiceNow, discovery tools, IT assets, and third-party maintenance, and can help you with a proactive plan that helps save you money, have coverage options and rest easy knowing you have options before you need them.  Reach out here for a demo and more information.

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

Reid is the founder and CEO of Reliant Technology and for 14 years has pursued his mission to remove the pain associated with maintaining IT infrastructure. Reid writes on common challenges related to maintaining, servicing, tracking, budgeting, and upgrading technology.

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