By Kyle Christopher

Are you looking for ways to cut your maintenance costs?

This article will provide you with some creative ideas to earn massive savings on maintenance costs. Don’t forget to download the complimentary eBook: Third Party Maintenance Cuts Costs by 40 – 80%.

Here are 5 ways to dramatically reduce your support costs and obtain the service you expect.

1. Use Next Business Day Parts Replacement Contracts

All data is not created equal. Why pay for same day service for storage that is not mission-critical? By adjusting your contracts to next-business-day replacements, you can save money and only pay for what you need.  Also, you can modify your contract so that you have same-day service where needed and next-business-day replacements on less critical devices.

2. Investigate Third-Party Support

It’s critical that you have warranty and post-warranty strategies in place. Third-party support provides prorated rates and savings of 30 – 80%. After 2-3 years when warranties expire, the equipment is usually stable and there are fewer updates. Third-party support can provide you with a post-warranty strategy for continual coverage and uptime at significant savings.

Third-party support can verify current warranty coverage and eliminate duplicate maintenance plans.  This also ensures that equipment does not have a drop in coverage.

3. Flexible Contracts

With flexible contracts, you only pay for what you need:

– A post-warranty strategy plan, ensuring continual coverage and uptime.

– A plan to pay only for what you need. If the manufacturer warranty ends mid-year, a flexible contract will pick up where it leaves off and with a pro-rated plan you only pay for the coverage you use.

– The option to change or modify your contract at any time and earn credit on any unused portion.

– Freedom from recertification or penalty fees for coverage of post-maintenance devices.

– Contracts that end when you want, so you can stop paying for additional support on devices that are being phased out.

4. Multi-Vendor Contracts

Increase your buying power with multi-vendor contracts. These contracts can cover your EMC and NetApp devices as well as many other storage equipment providers. Multi-vendor contracts also cover servers, switches and networking under one plan, allowing you to preserve OPEX and CAPEX budgets for other projects.

5. Coterminous Contracts

Simply put, Conterminous Contracts make your life easy. They will also save you the administrative burden of having to chase and catalogue renewal dates. Work with a vendor that will co terminate your contracts on a set day of the year, every year. This adds value to your business, makes your life easy and reduces anxiety.

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