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Nader Abdallah

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Nader Abdallah

Nader Abdallah has worked in IT operations, with a technical background and experience in the IT infrastructure industry and software implementation for global technology service providers, for over a decade. Strategy and optimization are the underlying passions that drive his management methods, business acumen, operations development, and team spirit. Nader is well-versed in the efficiency of workflow, customer support, and building and deploying service delivery. Prior to working with Reliant Technology, Nader was the Regional Operations Manager and SDM USA & Canada, so offers international IT experience. Before that he led a regional North America operations team, running, developing, and overseeing day-to-day operations. Nader has been a Software Developer and Scrum Master. Nader began his education with a Telecommunications B.S, then followed this with a M.S. in Computer Science, and is currently working on his MBA from Georgia State University. Nader states that he receives the most satisfaction at work when challenged and has the opportunity to learn, develop, and meet the organization’s goals and customer expectations. Nader, his wife, and child reside in Atlanta, GA.

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