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A third-party maintenance company that's passionate about changing your way of thinking about data center assets and improving your bottom line

It is our commitment to each customer to understand your issues at the root cause, and develop support, hardware and service offerings that meet your budget, timeline and performance requirements. 

From customized server, storage and network systems and upgrades at competitive prices delivered quickly to expert technical support, you can rely on Reliant. We simplify maintenance support, tailoring a support plan to your company’s needs focused on improving uptime and results.

Where We Started

In 2007, with years of experience in the IT industry, we saw the need for hardware and storage to be available on the secondary market. 

Value Added Resellers needed a source for pre-owned and refurbished equipment, and we knew how to provide it to them at an affordable rate.

We saw that many organizations had a mix of OEM equipment from multiple generations, with different EOL/EOSL dates. 

We knew that we could put the pieces together to create a beautiful picture of accessibility, affordability, and service.

Who We Are Today

We have adapted to the changing marketplace. We now offer data storage, server, and network hardware, as well as onsite maintenance and support, to over 3,100 organizations around the world, including companies like Stanford University, Prime Healthcare, and the US Navy.

With a worldwide network of engineers, suppliers, and parts, we support, upgrade, and supply data center hardware while delivering peace of mind to our clients. We do it all with pricing that helps data centers accomplish more.

From Our Founder

“We want you to be part of our story. From helping your team save money to extending the life of your IT assets, we’re here to help. We appreciate your visiting Reliant Technology and giving us an opportunity to serve you and your team.

50% or more of data center infrastructure is 2+ years old, and as maintenance expires, you often don’t get the options, answers and pricing needed to support your infrastructure. Reliant understands this issue and focuses on giving customers more options for data center hardware and maintenance, rather than just a forklift upgrade.”

— Reid Smith-Vaniz, CEO and Founder, Reliant Technology


About the Company

Based in Atlanta, GA - Serving the data center industry worldwide


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No story is complete without a beginning, middle, and end.

Our story starts with a great idea, puts you right in the middle of things, then ends with your satisfaction and continued business.

We pride ourselves on our excellent service and problem-solving ability: whatever you need - GET IN TOUCH and we can help.

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Why Reliant?

Reliant Technology is a unique and reliable source for all of your infrastructure maintenance and support needs.

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