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Reliant Technology Cares

Support More IT Hardware… Support More Lives

With so much suffering in the world, wouldn’t it be great if you could have an impact? You can, right here and right now. Reliant Technology clearly states that one of our purposes is serving others, so when you add a new contract with us, you help stop hunger around the world.

A Letter from Our CEO

We often struggle with our purpose. As a company, we struggled with it for a long time. Why do we exist as a company?

While our mission was to reduce the cost and complexity of supporting data center infrastructure, we often had a difficult time figuring out the why behind that. What were our motivations?

Over time that reason became clear. Love. Love is a tricky word, and we feel it's best expressed when spelled S-E-R-V-E. Our purpose actually has nothing to do with our expertise in information technology, and we like it that way. In our business we feel we are at our best when we are serving others, creating value, and growing people. That's our why.

We realize that actions speak louder than words and this year we are partnering with a fantastic organization…

Please join us.

Reid Smith-Vaniz, CEO

Reliant Technology Serves Others

As Reid has stated above, Serving Others is one of our company’s three explicitly stated core business purposes, along with Creating Value and Growing People. Our daily mission is to work together as a team to support our client’s infrastructure and maximize their uptime through selling, repairing, supporting, and maintaining highly complex IT equipment.

Daily Impact

This goal of Serving Others is showcased day in and day out as our field teams repair systems onsite, our engineers remotely audit equipment after an outage, and our sales team conduct business reviews with clients. It’s also apparent to us every day when we notice our office staff stopping to assist another in need of assistance. This innate sense of Serving Others is critical to the inner workings of our company and has had a major impact on our success to date.

Sharing Resources

That is why expanding our Serving Other’s mantra into the community is our next phase of leadership. We use the resources gained from our daily initiatives to help support people in need, as well as support nonprofits, as these organizations build stronger supply chains and provide relief globally.

Serving Others

It is by offering world-class support and maintenance to you that we can serve others too. Join us in helping provide global support to those in need.

Reliant Technology Serves Others

Update On Our 2022 Partnership

For every signed agreement in 2022, whether for a piece of hardware or an equipment support contract, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to help feed people across the world. In 2022, we are partnering with SERV International and commit to providing over 300,000 meals to remote areas of Kenya.

Reliant Technology partners with SERV International

When you have Reliant Technology support your data center, you help us support global initiatives.

More Information about SERV International

Feed the hungry

Feed the Hungry

Every dollar donated to this nonprofit in 2022 goes directly to feeding the hungry. This well-established organization has their administrative costs fully funded so we are able to maximize the impact provided to those in need.

Two Decades

Two Decades

SERV International has provided over 41 million meals in the past two decades. Their mission is to help feed, house, and employ locals.

Vulnerable Areas

Vulnerable Areas

The food is shared in a desolate area, currently Kenya, that cannot be served by any other means. SERV International provides food and jobs so people can survive.


Vitamins and Nutrients

SERV International created their own proprietary 45 lentil blend packed full of vitamins and nutrients specifically for food-deprived people.

7MM Meals

Helping People Work

SERV International provided over 7 million meals in 2021 alone and has already employed over 600 widows in their local-to-Kenya run food processing facilities.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Solutions

It is SERV International’s ability to create supply chains, allowing food to reach people across the world that, in turn, empowers Reliant Technology to reach our stated purpose of Serving Others.