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About Reliant Technology

Reliant Technology’s leaders have a passion for helping others. Since 2007 we have created a culture where people could work together to serve and create value for customers and employees alike. In doing so, we grow our people to be better than they’ve ever been, and encourage them to continue growing.

Creating Value for our Customers

Creating Value

Reliant Technology is a unique and reliable source for all of your infrastructure maintenance and support needs. Our goal is to always provide the best service possible.

Reliant Technology Team Members

Serving Others

Our team serves one another, our customers, and our community through excellent customer service and Reliant Technology Cares , our initiative that supports nonprofits and people in need.

Reliant Technology Team Members

Growing People

We put our core purpose of Serving Others into action in our workplace and community, providing opportunities for our employees to grow individually and as a team.

Small and Nimble

Being a smaller Third Party Maintenance provider gives us the opportunity to be nimble. We are quick to respond, quick to listen, and quick to solve problems. Our One Team core value creates alignment, cohesion, and cooperation between team members and with our customers. When you need direction, somebody to source a part, or upcoming EOL/EOSL and warranty dates, you can call us, as well as recommend us to your colleagues.

Decreased Downtime Means Increased Uptime

We promise you better service. You will find it in our can-do attitude as you communicate with experts and have direct access to our C-suite. You will find us nimble as we use predictive analytics to proactively create on-site spares kits for domestic and global coverage with 24/7/365 and a 4-hour SLA.

Get in touch with us to learn how we can help you today.

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Reliant Technology Cares

Reliant Technology Serves

Reliant Technology Cares

With so much suffering in the world, wouldn’t it be great if you could have an impact? You can, right here and right now. Reliant Technology clearly states that one of our purposes is serving others, so when you add a new contract with us, you help stop hunger around the world….

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Meet Our Leadership Team

Since our inception in 2007, Reliant Technology has worked tirelessly to amass the best talent in the IT Industry. With decades of IT experience among them, we have created a team of highly experienced and dedicated leaders who are passionate about helping customers reduce the costs, headaches, and hassles associated with Data Center infrastructure; leaders who truly care about our customers, our employees, and our values. We are pleased to introduce you to our amazing leaders….

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