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Is the spiraling cost of supporting your server, storage, and network equipment keeping you up at night? Are large-scale hardware refreshes stretching your budget to the limit? If you’re relying on – or bound to – the warranties provided by your original equipment manufacturer (OEM), that may well be the case.

It’s time to say “no” to expensive, one-dimensional options for hardware and support.

Reliant offers a better, more cost-effective approach to avoiding unforeseen equipment failure and unwelcome downtime.

Reliant is relentless in our quest to simplify and streamline data center maintenance. We achieve this by unifying and centralizing data to improve its quality and business value.

No need to refresh or upgrade your current equipment. We specialize in extending the life of older assets, ensuring they keep delivering value and return on your original investment.

All while paying up to 50% less on maintenance costs.



Fast, Cheap, Good

Reliant delivers results faster and cheaper than our competition. As a smaller player, we’re nimble, agile, and flexible.

You need to make a change

So, why not let us help you turn your data center into a dynamic, responsive, and agile business enabler? Free up time from your demanding schedule to focus on things that matter to you. Ease the pressure on your IT admins.

Our team will do the heavy lifting for you.

Don't just take our word for it

Reliant is trusted by over 2,500 businesses to deliver reliable, dedicated TPM support for leading brands, including Dell EMC, NetApp, HPE, Cisco, IBM, and more .

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Hardware and Parts Where and When You Need Them

As equipment ages, locating the correct parts becomes increasingly difficult.

With Reliant, you can say goodbye to the stress associated with seeking out spare or replacement parts or struggling to get timely OEM support. Our systematic parts replenishment methodology draws on our global hardware supply network. This means you always have access to the correct parts, where and when you need them.

The result? Your equipment keeps functioning at optimal efficiency, regardless of its age.

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Our Esteemed Customers

Reliant puts our customers at the center of everything we do, a commitment that’s reflected in our 85%+ retention rate. We’ve built up a solid track record of helping leading local and global brands transfer from OEM maintenance to less-costly, highly customized, third-party options.

AMN HealthcareSta
John Hopkins
Johnson Mathey
Lockheed Martin
Stanford University
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Reliant supports over 100 product lines from leading OEMs. Select your brand for more information or contact us.

Industries We Serve

Regardless of the industry in which your business operates, you need to make optimum use of your existing resources and make informed decisions about where to direct your IT spend.

Reliant’s years of experience working with customers in a range of industry verticals has given us insight into the nuances, dynamics, and unique challenges faced by organizations in different niches.

Our team of experts is here to help you make the right data center infrastructure and resource decisions.

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Large US Healthcare Provider Moves to Reliant Technology Maintenance Plan

"Even the big guys feel the pinch of OEM costs"

Hospitals, care centers, nursing homes, and other medical facilities need to ensure that their technology solutions deliver high-quality care to every patient. All this must be done with limited budgets and scarce people resources, not to mention constant regulatory monitoring.

Uptime is vital in healthcare settings as unplanned equipment failures or shutdowns could result in serious medical emergencies or even loss of life. Achieving this standard of service while keeping maintenance expenses to a minimum requires careful planning and the use of advanced tools. These include technologies that automate aspects of routine maintenance as well as remote monitoring solutions. This saves time and ensures that maintenance staff don’t spend their days working reactively to resolve equipment issues or failures.

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Reliant Technology Identifies Critical System Issues of Museum and Upgrades at Half the Cost of the OEM

Saved the client half the cost of the OEM quote

Across the globe, education institutions are shifting to digital tools and technologies to reshape the way they engage with and support their students. Today, online courses, virtual reality labs, remote learning tools, learning management systems (LMS), and bring-your-own-device policies are enriching the learning environment, both on- and off-campus.

This modern, technology-enabled ecosystem means that internal IT teams must juggle multiple tasks, including monitoring and maintaining IT assets, provisioning services to students and faculty members, troubleshooting incidents, and implementing changes. Moreover, the proliferation and sprawl of digital devices (such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones) often leads to sub-optimal asset utilization.

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Reliant Technology Helps Large Bank Cut Costs and Upgrade Capacity

Saved 50% and got extended support as well

The banking and financial services industries are among the most digitally advanced and data sensitive. But that means that as the technologies they rely on evolve at an increasing pace, staying up to date becomes a time-consuming and costly challenge.

Investing in new technology or renewing or refreshing legacy assets often means that there’s little budget left over to hire skilled IT specialists who have insight into the latest IT trends and best practices relevant to today’s financial sector organizations.

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Reliant Gets State Government Department Back Up and Running Over the Weekend

"Not many TPM providers complete IBM hardware maintenance as quickly as Reliant"

While private sector organizations can embark on IT initiatives at will, governments and municipalities are accountable to their citizens. IT teams have little control over their budgets and need to be fully transparent in everything from purchasing decisions to data management. Most government organizations’ IT budgets are channeled into maintaining legacy systems. This leaves little opportunity to invest in new solutions that could enhance productivity and accelerate service delivery. What’s more, many governments’ legacy and often obsolete systems and devices are incompatible with modern protocols. This hampers governments’ ability to harness the power of cloud computing, mobility, the Internet of Things, and big data. IT personnel shortages are also rife in government. Given their limited budgets, they struggle to attract and retain scarce and in-demand talent.

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Reliant Beats OEM Delivery by 9 Weeks to Earn Aerospace Customer

Delivered on our promises to beat the OEM

Aviation businesses, like most manufacturing organizations, are increasingly defining success in terms of productivity and uptime. They’re focusing on gathering and measuring metrics that get to the bottom of the root cause of issues.

Looking ahead, we can expect to see an ongoing focus on predictive maintenance in the aviation sector. This calls for IT, manufacturing, and production teams to work in lockstep to make data-based decisions. Another focus area is reducing the need to tie up capital with large stocks of spare and replacement machine and IT equipment/parts.

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IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Owlytica Platform – Giving You Visibility and Control

Owlytica is our free tool that help customers find big savings on maintenance with less effort.

When the details of all your upcoming maintenance renewals, assets, and contracts are located in multiple spreadsheets or systems, it wastes time and money and opens the door to risk.

The Reliant maintenance optimization platform, powered by Owlytica, puts you back in control. It consolidates, manages, tracks, plans, and budgets for all hardware assets and maintenance contracts in a single unified platform.

What’s more, it sends you proactive alerts so you can view and control pricing. This sets you up to start planning your equipment maintenance schedule up to 36 months out.

The Reliant Way

Save Time and Money

Avoid a forklift upgrade. Reliant helps teams boost performance and capacity, simplify support and minimize refresh cycles. Reliant support and hardware could save you up to 70% of OEM prices.

Eye for Innovation

Reliant believes in working side-by-side with our customers to co-generate great ideas. We never stop looking for more innovative, more relevant ways of creating value.

Great People

While Reliant’s platform and processes are unique, it's our people that make all the difference. Reliant people are humble yet ambitious and smart. We invest time and resources in building a winning culture and embedding our core values into all our actions and behaviors.


At Reliant, we believe flexibility is the key to stability. We understand that businesses grow. Priorities change. Our team stands ready to continually readjust, improve, and flex with you. We remain true to your vision, but we’re accommodating about how we help you achieve it.


Service excellence is the hallmark of Reliant’s approach. With us, you’re not a number. When you partner with us, you get a dedicated rep that will support you and your team for years to come.

Ethics and Professional Excellence

At Reliant, we settle for nothing less than excellence. We always do what’s right. Unthinkingly. And without exception.

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